"I MAKE" Car Club

April 1st 2016


The story of the I MAKE License plate starts here.. In this picture above. At the exact moment this picture was taken, April 1st, 2016 at 5pm, a group of woodworkers walked out to see Jimmy and I pose for a picture of our matching license plates. I had emailed Jimmy months before to ask if I could copy his plate as I could not find a better word for what I do other than "I Make". The crowd growing restless infront of us in the picture, Jimmy yelled out everyone buy the I MAKE license plate for your state and we will start an I Make License plate club. And so they did.. Armed with cell phones in hand, makers punched buttons.. beep boop beep boop... A few months later the #IMAKECARCLUB grew to many pictures of Makers sharing their new license plate. We announced a mile stone in that parking lot that day, and that was to get all  50 states together for a meetup one day..  To date.. We are at or close to 50 and Jimmys other plate, "Maker" has started to gain  traction as the I MAKES are all gone. A Meetup should be soon on the horizon.