A Press of the Button......

With the Press of a Button, the Bit Stopper will Pause your job in a split second. The beauty of the Bit Stoppers Red Button is that the Pause will hold the CNC, remembering exactly where you are in the job. To Resume, press the Green button.  Accidentally dropped in the wrong numbers and now your Boring to China, Cut threw your tabs and the piece just popped up? Or maybe that hold down looks a little closer than it did earlier and we are about to titanic this bad boy... The Bit Stopper can save your machine from crashing and trashing that amazing piece with the press of a button. The Bit Stopper will save you time and money and will easily pay for itself.


Packed with Features

The Bit Stopper is more than just an Emergency Stop and Resume Button. It's  packed with features to keep your Bits, Collets and Wrenches secure at an arms reach.  No more digging and crawling under your work bench to find Bits and Collets. The worlds most Powerful neodymium magnets line the Bit Stopper to keep your bits, collets and wrenchs safe. Another amazing feature of the Bit Stopper is its magnetic option to be mounted to any metallic surface. Don't have a metal surface, no worries, mounting screws are included. 


Its easy...

You plug the 2 wires into your BobsCNC Mother board and you are done. Red tape wire goes to "HOLD". The other wire goes to "RESUME". 

No assembly required,  plug it in and you are done. 

(Mounting screws are included)


Pausing has never been easier.. Try it today.


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Mike Lane

 Used the BIT STOPPER this morning!
Hold down system failed...... Saved the job though.  

Kyle Kennedy

 I've used this more times than I can count already. It is a life safer. Saved two of my hold downs already.  

Nathan Perry

 Love mine. Saved more than one carve!  

John Evans

  I just saved my project with the bit stopper. Forgot to reset the zero on the cut out. 

Daniel Brockman

The pause feature is what sold me on this  

John Fisher

  Got my Bitstopper today, used it once already. Was worth having it plug and play over me sourcing the parts and building my own. Thanks Brian.  

Randy Solomon

  Get a bit stopper from WoodenCreationz here in this group. Big red pause button. Got me out of trouble several times.  

Leland Nellist

  Bit stopper has saved my butt more then once thank you so much  

John Rojas

 Saved my job three times today. Totally worth the money!! The magnets are strong!!  

Eddie Senkbeil

 Wooden Creationz love my stop button now it’s saved me a few times. Have it mounted where I can slap it quick  

TW Brown

 Used mine tonight when I hit play before changing over the cleanup file. Saved it!  

Mark Cooper

 Got my bit stopper in the mail today and let me tell you. Quality packaging, quality material and quality craftsmanship. Awesome product Brian