Direstaofus - Jimmy Direstas "ICE Pick" Challenge

After watching Jimmy Diresta show the world his Ice Pick and it's multiple uses. I had a few comical ideas for the Ice Pick as well. I pitched the idea to Jimmy of a Youtube Video Series of each maker showing its cool uses and mailing it to another maker. I provided metal punches to allow each maker to leave their mark. What little did I know, was that the Ice pick wouldn't stay local in the United States very long. The Ice Pick has already traveled to over 4 countries and is constantly traveling to more. The Direstaofus Ice Pick Challenge series, may be the best Youtube maker series you never knew about....

Direstaofus Videos

WoodenCreationz - The Pilot


From Pitch to Pick.. This is the untold story of taking it from Idea to Pitching it to Jimmy.  Building the Box, to Stamping the Pick...This explains it all...

WoodenCreationz (Missouri) Ep 1 S1


Police Academy here I come... I act out some humorous ideas and uses for the 1st Direstofus Icepick video..... 

Bill Lutes (California) - Ep 2 S1


Bill gets creative and shows us some funny things to do with an ice pick that will for sure turn heads. 

Tim Sway (Connecticut) Ep 3 S1


Tim searches deep in this episode looking for good uses for an ice pick. 

Ian Robinson (Nevada) Ep 4 S1


Ian knocks out some cool tricks with the ice pick while doing a Make over on his bus. 

Metaspencer (New York) Ep 5 S1


Metaspencer teaches us about the History of the icepick...  

Chad From Mancrafting (Atlanta Ga.) Ep 6 S1


Chad shares some great ideas for the Ice pick as well as showing off some great techniques... 

Get Hands Dirty (Portugal) Ep 7 S2


 Cristiana breaks the internet by making this unbelievable cinematography of the Direstaofus video... (Ice Pick was stuck in customs for 3 months) - TSA failed to make a video. :-( 

Pask Makes (Australia) Ep 8 S2


Neil nails this amazing piece with just the ice pick.. What What!!! Check it out!!

Cactus Workshop (Spain) Ep 9 S3


Carlos Mills an amazing ICE Pick Jack Hammer! WOW!

Sebastian Ollari -Ollari's (Hungary) Ep 10 S3


Bill Sin Workshop ( ☡ Munich Germany) Ep 11 S3