BobsCNC E4 "LARGE" CNC Installation Video ($889 CNC)

Bob has done it again.....

Check out this quick Installation Video of the New E4 being built before you build yours. This much larger CNC has everything we loved in the E3, now in a bigger package. A 24x24 size bed, a T-Slot Track for quicker clap downs... And to top it all off... The Bit Duster works just as amazing on the New E4. 

BobsCNC E3 CNC/Engraver Installation Video

A quick tutorial guide on assembling the Bobs E3 CNC. A helpful guide to putting yours together or seeing the process before you buy. Roughly 17x17 area of cutting.

 ( Instructions for the "NEW" Upgraded Y Assembly and Z Spindle kit, shown in the Upgrading Y And Z Spindle Kit Video)

How to Upgrade Y Assembly & Z Spindle Kit - BobsCNC E3/E4

A simple step by step video of upgrading the E3 with the new Y Assembly and Z Spindle Kit. This same kit is used on the E4 CNC. 

Y Assembly & Z Spindle Kit Link

Inventables Easel - How to use Easel in less than 7 minutes

A step by step quick tutorial on how to setup Easel for the first time. Importing images, editing and even the process of exporting your gcode to UGS. Not to mention showing how to use a Bobs E3 CNC to cut out what we make.. All done in 7 minutes. 

Inventables Easel Software = Free


Easel Link

F-Engrave - Design to Product on a BobsCNC E3\E4

A quick tutorial video on using F-Engrave and UGS on a BobsCNC. From design to cutting, this video covers how to use the software step by step.

F-Engrave Software = Free

 Fengrave Link 

VCarve Pro 9 - How to Design from Scratch in VCarve

A quick tutorial on how to use Vcarve Pro 9. Explanation of the tools to cutting paths, to depths and speeds... And even how to save your new file. A must watch for getting started with Vcarve Pro or Vcarve Desktop. 

VCarve Desktop =  $349 

VCarve Pro = $699 

Vcarve Link

VCarve Pro 9 - Easily Convert a Picture to a Vector

A quick tutorial on how to Import and convert a picture into a Vector in Vcarve Pro or Vcarve Desktop .  Vcarve converts pictures into lines, which are called Vectors. This is a quick video on how to do that as well as save it as a Gcode file.

VCarve Desktop =  $349  

VCarve Pro = $699 

Vcarve Link

Bit Duster - CNC Dust Management (E3/E4 CNC)

I have developed and sell a product called the Bit Duster to remove dust from your work piece as you cut. It works amazing! Highly advise one if your interested. 

                        3 Bit Duster Models

  • Bit Duster Assembly Kit - $30 Free Shipping

        (Assembly Required - Screws and Nuts Provided)

  • Bit Duster 2D - $37 Free Shipping

         (No Assembly Needed - It's Glued)

  • Bit Duster 3D - $40 Free Shipping

         (No Assembly Needed - It's Glued)

 All Bit Dusters have Free Shipping ( 1-3 Day Delivery) 

    Click Here to go to the Bit Duster page

Bit Stopper - Emergency Stop & Go Button / Bit & Wrench holder (E3/E4 CNC)


Bit Stopper

  Introducing the all-new "Bit Stopper". Pausing and re-starting you're E3/E4 has never been easier. Accidentally cut tabs, Accidentally boring to China, Accidental hold down in the way...No worries... The "Bit Stopper" allows you to pause in just a second and save your job and prevent having to restarting it. Lost wrenches, bits and collets are a thing of the past. 5 extremely strong neodymium magnets keep things nicely organized in reach at all times. The "Bit Stopper" will come fully assembled and ready to be plugged in and start using. The magnetic back strongly sticks to metal surfaces or the screw holes provide for a screw mount option.   

Bit Stopper - $37 - Free Shipping ( 1-3 Day Delivery)

How to Make a Custom Stamper on a E3\E4 CNC for $1

A great video showing how to use your E3 cnc to make rubber stampers.

DIY CNC Enclosure - Silenced & Dust Free Solution (Cheap)

A quick "How to" video on building a silenced E3 CNC Enclosure for cheap. I cut at 2am in the morning with the neighbors windows open and they never know im out there... I prove the Dbs in the video... Highly advise a silenced enclosure and the Bit Duster combination together... 


WoodenCreationz CNC Hold Down (zip)