Bit Duster Kit - $30 Free Shipping


Assembly Kit - (Assembly Required) 

Very easy 5 minute paint by numbers instructions.

 Screws and Nuts included - E3\E4

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Bit Duster 2D - $37 Free Shipping


 2D Front Plate - (No Assembly Needed)

Installs in seconds.  - E3\E4  

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3D Front Plate - (No Assembly Needed)

Installs in seconds.  - E3\E4  

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Bit Duster Install Instructions

What is a Bit Duster

 The Bit Duster is a device I have invented to redirect the exhaust air out of the dewalt router to then blow on the CNC bit allowing you to see what your cutting. This is made from premium grade Birch Plywood and contains everything you need except a phillips screw driver to attach it. It mounts to the pre-existing holes you already have on your CNC. 

I strive to make my products affordable for any budget and guarantee you will love the experience or return it with in 30 days for your money back.      I have developed 3 Bit Dusters to fit any budget and style.  From a 6 minute assembly kit Bit Duster, to 2D and 3D Bit Duster models that take seconds to install.

Why not a Dust Shoe

When using a Dust shoe, the bit is not visible when cutting, this makes it hard to check for depths of cuts and watching for obstacles. A dust shoe uses a shop vac or dust collector to collect the dust as it cuts. The dust shoe doesn't always collect all the dust so extra clean up is needed at the end of the job. Another down fall of a dust shoe is that it has to be removed to change the bit and some dust shoes aren't compatible with larger surfacing bits. The number one complaint of using a dust shoe, is the constant noise of running a Shop Vac or Dust collector as you use your CNC. Some projects take hours to cut and the CNC noise combined with a screaming Shop vac for hours will drive you insane. A shop vac or dust collector that runs for hours on end contributes to a higher electricity bill and occasionally will pop your breaker as your working. Rather than burn out your shop vac motor, accidentally drill to china or risk going deaf, lets look at the benefits of a Bit Duster. 

How Does a Bit Duster work

A Bit Duster is a patented device I have invented to capture the air off the router and redirect it onto the bit. A steady stream of air blows through the tubes and at the Bit, clearing sawdust around it in a 5 inch radius. 95% of the sawdust stays on the cnc for easy cleanup once the cnc has finished.  The Bit Duster allows you to clearly see the bit from any angle, allowing you to verify your depth of cut and make sure the bit is free of any obstructions. The Bit Duster does not need to be removed to change bits and works with any cnc bit. It doesn't take batteries or electricity and makes zero noise. For the ultimate setup, I suggest using the Bit Duster in combination with a silenced enclosure. The combination makes for complete silence in your shop and 100% dust containment. I have a video on how to make a silenced enclosure on my bobscnc videos link. Get rid of the noise and try a Bit Duster today.  30 Day Money Back Guarantee if your not in love with it. 

Bit Duster Assembly kit in Action

Bit Duster Kit - $30 Free Shipping

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Bit Duster 3D - $40 Free Shipping

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Bill Sherard -

 I just installed my bit duster. Excellent instructions and I really like the labeled parts. Easy to do and looks like well worth it.  

Bobby Swift -

 A must have for the E3 CNC. Got mine and love it.  

Richard Harvey -

  Bit duster is great. 

Martin Hanson -

  👍👍 Two thumbs up to the Bit Duster 

Curt McKenzie -

 It works great and arrived in just a couple of days.  

Clint Moore -

 So nice to see what it's doing! Thanks WoodenCreationz 

Ashley Paige

  We finally did it! Our first project done! A special thank you to Bob Wood at BobsCNC and  Wooden Creationz. Couldn't have done it without the Bit Duster!

Greg Grote

  I put Bit Dusters on my E3 and E4, and they work very well at keeping dust away from the bit. As a side benefit, it redirects the exhaust from the router so it doesn't blow in your face. I like them. 

Robert McMillan

 I'd like to thank Bob Wood for making a stellar piece of equipment and his team for great customer service. Also Wooden Creationz with the Bit Stopper and Bit Duster.  Wooden Creationz the Bit Duster is magnificent. 

Paula Parker Grandt

 Just how? Saturday I ordered the bit duster from Wooden Creationz and it came in the mail today. I’m impressed!! Can’t wait to go to the shop and install it. 

Rosie Dee

 Just installed my “bit duster” already loving it... shout out to Brian at Wooden Creationz for getting it to me so fast, awesome directions and great price!!! 

Mary Illian

 I really love this machine! And, that bit duster is legit!